Source code for pcapkit.const.vlan.priority_level

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint: disable=line-too-long,consider-using-f-string
"""Priority levels defined in IEEE 802.1p.

This module contains the constant enumeration for **Priority levels defined in IEEE 802.1p.**,
which is automatically generated from :class:`pcapkit.vendor.vlan.priority_level.PriorityLevel`.


from aenum import IntEnum, extend_enum

__all__ = ['PriorityLevel']

[docs]class PriorityLevel(IntEnum): """[PriorityLevel] Priority levels defined in IEEE 802.1p.""" #: Background (lowest) BK = 0b001 #: Best effort (default) BE = 0b000 #: Excellent effort EE = 0b010 #: Critical applications CA = 0b011 #: Video, < 100 ms latency and jitter VI = 0b100 #: Voice, < 10 ms latency and jitter VO = 0b101 #: Internetwork control IC = 0b110 #: Network control (highest) NC = 0b111 @staticmethod def get(key: 'int | str', default: 'int' = -1) -> 'PriorityLevel': """Backport support for original codes. Args: key: Key to get enum item. default: Default value if not found. """ if isinstance(key, int): return PriorityLevel(key) if key not in PriorityLevel._member_map_: # pylint: disable=no-member extend_enum(PriorityLevel, key, default) return PriorityLevel[key] # type: ignore[misc]
[docs] @classmethod def _missing_(cls, value: 'int') -> 'PriorityLevel': """Lookup function used when value is not found. Args: value: Value to get enum item. """ if not (isinstance(value, int) and 0b000 <= value <= 0b111): raise ValueError('%r is not a valid %s' % (value, cls.__name__)) extend_enum(cls, 'Unassigned [0b%s]' % bin(value)[2:].zfill(3), value) return cls(value)