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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""data modules for global header of PCAP file"""

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from pcapkit.corekit.infoclass import Info

    from typing_extensions import Literal

    from pcapkit.const.reg.linktype import LinkType
    from pcapkit.corekit.version import VersionInfo

__all__ = ['Header', 'MagicNumber']

[docs]class MagicNumber(Info): """Magic number of PCAP file.""" #: Magic number sequence. data: 'bytes' #: Byte order. byteorder: 'Literal["big", "little"]' #: Nanosecond-timestamp resolution flag. nanosecond: 'bool' if TYPE_CHECKING: def __init__(self, data: 'bytes', byteorder: 'Literal["big", "little"]', nanosecond: 'bool') -> 'None': ... # pylint: disable=unused-argument,super-init-not-called,multiple-statements